As we begin reopening, the following policies will be in place to protect our families and to honor the governor's Small Business and Gym Reopening Guidelines. Every effort is being made to insure the wellbeing of our families. I want parents and students to feel confident in NextGen's commitment to provide a safe place to train.


  • The public water station will not be available.

  • Please bring your own bottled water.



  • Restrooms will be open for urgent situations only.

  • Students should use the restroom at home before they leave for class.

  • If restrooms must be used, parents should accompany children to ensure they do not make a "mess" (<cough>… boys… <cough>) and to…

  • Ensure that hands are washed thoroughly with soap for at least 20 seconds.



  • Please do not enter the studio until 5 minutes before class begins, so that the previous class has ample time to exit. This will eliminate congestion at the door.

  • Please have uniforms on and belts tied before entering the studio.

  • Chairs in the sitting areas have been arranged to comply with social distancing guidelines. Please do not move chairs.

  • Children should leave their shoes with parents instead of putting them in cubbies.



  • Children should stay with parents until called to line up.

  • Floor mats have been rearranged to help enforce social distancing guidelines.

  • Students will line up in rank order, one person per gray square. This will provide 10 feet of distance between students.

  • The class schedule has been adjusted to limit the number of students on the mat.



  • When class is over, please maintain social distancing when exiting the studio.

  • Please do not congregate inside the studio. Feel free to socialize in the parking lot.